The Vissing Foundation

The Vissing Foundation supports three different purposes: near-patient research in disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment, mainly related to cancer and diabetes. In addition, the Foundation supports research in sustainable energy as well as projects and activities that support marginalised children and young people.


Medical research

Energy research

Marginalized children and young people








Industrial drying with zero emission

The car battery stores energy

Data centres and energy consumption

Biofuels made of waste

Green hydrogen and CO2 reduction

Good experiences during the summer holiday

An activity area to develop children

Summer camp - autism

Magicians’ workshop for children

Holiday camp for vulnerable children and young people

Prostate cancer

Cervical cancer and diagnostics

High-risk breast cancer

Childhood malignancy - treatment

Cancer of the ovaries

Kidney transplant

Epilepsy and anxiety in children

Help with children’s birthdays

Support for children at a Christmas Seal Home

Hero Camp in Aalborg

Christmas assistance for children and young people in Skive

A more inspiring school playground

Colon cancer and immunotherapy

DNA from lymphoma cells

Giving disadvantaged children and young people a break

Culture Festival

Help at Christmas

Sport helps disadvantaged children and young people

An experience path round the hospice

Sailing trips for young people with ADHD

Nerve damage from chemotherapy

Side effects in children and young people with mental disorders

Complications after surgery for cancer

Diabetic foot ulcers

Lymphoedema after breast cancer

Holiday camp for disadvantaged children and young people

Diabetes study

Diabetes patients – pain treatment

Research into colorectal cancer

Cervical cancer and blood tests

Virus use in cancer treatment

Infrared treatment of the fistula

Children of mothers with cancer

Electrical stimulation and nerve damage

New knowledge about cancer treatment

Breast cancer with lymph node metastases

Funding for melanoma research

Breast cancer and effects of breast reconstruction

Research into leukaemia

Research into pancreatic cancer

Colorectal cancer – improved model to be developed

New treatment for pancreatic cancer

General practitioner - early suspicion of cancer

Complications after colorectal surgery

Operation for obesity and low blood sugar

Research into boys’ fertility

Lymphoma research

Nerve damage in young people with type 1 diabetes

Artificial intelligence to check eyes

Surgical methods for uterine cancer

Cancer during pregnancy - study of women and their children

New knowledge of the consequences of obesity in children and adolescents

Glaucoma – dry eyes as adverse effect to eye drops

Patients with kidney disease – treatment through well-functioning fistula

Prevent or minimise nerve damages following chemotherapy for breast cancer

Colorectal cancer – improve the selection of people who should be offered endoscopy

Skin cancer – comparison of advanced scanners for diagnosis and selection of optimal treatment

Better treatment and care for patients suffering from diabetes

Better and faster identification of tumour markers

Energy and climate

Artificial intelligence and storage of CO2

Capture of CO2 and jet fuel

Climate and the vehicle fleet

Light poles to serve as charging stations

Energy model for heat pump

Biogas balances energy system

Integrated energy system at the marina

Citizens’ participation in energy projects

Energy research – development of local energy co-operations as part of the transition of the Danish energy system

The Dog as Partner

Christmas assistance in Skive

Christmas assistance for children and young people through Danish People’s Aid

Support to Mødrehjælpen for Christmas assistance

Christmas assistance for children and young people in Skive

The Creative Heroes – breathing space for sick children

Special Moments for vulnerable children and young people

Help at Christmas

School chess and general wellbeing

Support for children and young people from Ukraine

Frequent blood sugar measurement

Support for Ukrainian children and young people.

Support for children and young people in placements

Sailing for vulnerable young people

Lykkeliga – teaching material

Music as a breathing space

Working community in the kitchen

Funding for youth camp

Mentors and help with homework

Supporting the development of young people

Website communicates energy knowledge

Activities and community

Children at crisis centres

Holiday camps for vulnerable children and young people

Lonely young people in Skive

Funds Christmas Seal Home

Funding to Matematikcenter

Support to children and young people in grief

Sensory room for children and young people

Support to a playground at a crisis centre

Role play for needy and vulnerable children

Supporting Play Heroes in Aalborg

Playground for the Danner Shelter

Volunteers help with maths

Supporting children from Greenland at Danish boarding schools

Helping vulnerable children and young people to take part in sports

Weight-loss programme for children

Books and being read to strengthen children’s competencies

Children with type 1 diabetes – a course in mastering the disease in everyday life


Funded projects

The Vissing Foundation supports research in the healthcare sector within cancer and diabetes, projects within energy as well as children and young people in difficult conditions.

Aarhus University

Human papillomavirus can cause cancer. Can HPV be measured in the blood and are its concentrations related to disease development?

Central Denmark Region

Long-term follow-up on women with mucosal changes in the uterus to detect the risk of developing uterine cancer.


A study that investigates whether testosterone deficiency is related to metabolic syndrome and possibly to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Herlev Hospital

Investigation of a new robotic surgical technique for the treatment of colon cancer.

Central Denmark Region

Does the diagnosis of polyps in the colon improve by applying an Endocuff to the bowel endoscope.

Aalborg University Hospital

Development of new blood tests that can reveal cancer type and extent in some cancer patients.


Does measuring Rhodopsin in the blood allow better and more accurate control of diabetes-caused retina diseases of the eye?

University of Copenhagen

Gathering knowledge about mechanisms in the meeting between patient and healthcare system which can explain the social inequality in accessibility, use and benefits of healthcare in Danish society. Focus on diabetes.

Herlev Hospital

Investigation of whether infrared light therapy can prevent the development of stiffness in blood vessels and thereby improve the utility of blood vessels for dialysis.

Aarhus University

Comparison of two methods of stimulating liver growth that enable surgical resection of liver metastasis in colon cancer patients.


Is eye damage in premature babies similar to that caused by diabetes?

Aalborg University Hospital

Detection of cancer cell trace elements in the blood. From research and development to use in patient care.

University of Copenhagen

How does immature insulin become able to activate the immune system?

Metropolitan University College

A prospective study of changes in the salivary glands caused by radiation therapy in patients with head and neck cancer.

Hvidovre Hospital

Evaluation of whether stool and blood tests can predict the risk of bowel cancer.

Hospitals in Region Zealand

Treatment of low blood sugar levels after gastric bypass surgery for obesity.

University of Copenhagen

Development of cancer treatment based on a malaria protein.

Aarhus University

The influence of tissue types on disease progression among HIV-2 infected patients in Guinea-Bissau.

Hospitals in Region Zealand

The influence of diabetes medicine on the course of the disease after surgery for colon cancer.

University of Southern Denmark

One year research trip for medical students to The National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland 20982, USA for training in molecular biological methods for analysing molecules in cells.

Gentofte Hospital

A study that assesses the constituent elements of sugar metabolism and its importance for the body’s overall insulin sensitivity in patients with psoriasis with regard to diabetes prevention for psoriasis patients.

Herlev Hospital

Metabolic changes caused by the disease treatment in patients with prostate cancer.

Aarhus University

Why diabetes is difficult to treat during puberty.