Lonely young people in Skive

KOMsammen Skive is a centre funding lonely, young people in Skive and environs. KOMsammen opened at the end of May 2021 and uses young volunteers who are trained and have continuous supervision at Ventilen Danmark.

In addition to loneliness, most young people experience other challenges such as psychiatric diagnoses, overweight, physical inactivity or loose association with the education system or the job market.

KOMsammen has weekly activities with focus on exercise and/or diet and social interaction. It is a matter of having positive experiences and inspiring and helping each other in the group to stay focused on new habits. The young people try i.a. various sports and cooking in an environment embracing everyone regardless of their qualifications. The centre is run by young people volunteering to work for other young people.

”With the funding from the Vissing Foundation, KOMsammen Skive can become a well-established and rooted centre in Skive and environs to benefit young people (15 – 30) experiencing loneliness. We have enough volunteers to keep KOMsammen Skive open one day a week. We can also ensure the continued spreading of good experiences from Skive Municipality to the other KOMsammen centres in Denmark,” says Lene Stokholm Jensen from Volunteer Centre Skive.

A young voluntary project manager has been using presentations, direct contact and the press to spread knowledge of KOMsammen Skive widely in Skive Municipality, and professionals, e.g. from family departments, social psychiatry, teachers, parents etc. have taken many participants by the hand to help them be part of KOMsammen Skive.

”KOMsammen Skive is the KOMsammen centre in Denmark that has had the best and quickest start, and our volunteer project manager is now advising other KOMsammen centres on the establishment and operations of KOMsammen centres. The money from the Vissing Foundation enables us to ensure that following the project period, there’ll be a rooted centre to help young people in Skive and environs out of loneliness,” says Lene Stokholm Jensen.