Christmas assistance for children and young people through Danish People’s Aid

Danish People’s Aid is Denmark’s largest distributor of Christmas assistance to single providers on public benefits

Without the support of private funds like the Vissing Foundation our organisation would not be able to help so many children of single providers with a much needed assistance package at Christmas,” says Mads Mattias Keller Jansen from Danish People’s Aid.

Since 2006, Danish People’s Aid has distributed Christmas assistance to more than 110,000 needy families with children in Denmark, and through collaboration with municipalities across the country, the organisation ensures that assistance goes to those who need it most.

“In a year of dramatic price increases and exceptionally high inflation, the donation from the Vissing Foundation will help to make a big difference to needy families, who are especially hard hit by the economic crisis,” says Mads Mattias Keller Jansen.

This Christmas assistance will ensure that children in low-income families can enjoy Christmas with festive food and presents together with their parents.

Each family receives a Christmas basket containing groceries or a gift voucher to a convenience store to buy food for DKK 800, and a gift voucher for DKK 1,000 to buy a selection of gift items for the children.