Music as a breathing space

Lukashuset in Hellerup is Denmark’s first hospice for children and adolescents with life-threatening diseases. The purpose of Lukashuset is to provide relief and quality of life for the families who are admitted, who are facing a very difficult situation in their lives. Lukashuset provides multi-disciplinary and holistic support and care focusing on physical, social, existential and spiritual relief for the whole family.

“With the support of the Vissing Foundation it will be possible for the children and adolescents in the institution and their families to have a breathing space with live music. Here their illness recedes into the background, making space for the child or young person. Music can create a special space, not only for feelings that are difficult to handle, but for smiles and happiness too. We call them magic moments, and they are an important part of our work at Lukashuset,” says house artist and violinist Karen Humle.

The grant from the Vissing Foundation means that, together with Karen Humle, Lukashuset can give the young people and their families a chance to hear music several times a week. The music is always individually adapted for the particular child or young person. It may be familiar children’s songs, music from computer games, or improvisations that create intimacy and intensity. Music can create small, but important special moments in a very difficult situation.