Playground for the danner shelter

The mothers and children who stay at the Danner Shelter all come from homes with violence. The children have witnessed or suffered violence themselves. They are affected by the consequences of living in a violent environment. They are traumatized, and have witnessed violence or been subjected to it themselves. Their language and emotional and motor development do not correspond to their ages.

The children are living with mothers who have suffered from violence, and do not have reserves of energy to care for their children and be sociable with them. There may be conflicts between mothers and children which prevent development of a secure mother-and-child relationship.

“This playground, which is partly supported by the Vissing Foundation, is educationally designed, so that it forms a good basis to promote the children’s emotional and motor development. At the same time, the playground encourages socializing and good relationships between mothers and their children – and builds up good memories for both mothers and children,” says Julie Tolstrup from the Danner Shelter.