Working community in the kitchen

The Grand Hotel & BB – Project Community is a socioeconomic company in Tønder in Denmark which provides workplaces for socially vulnerable people with disabilities. They are people who cannot at present work at an ordinary place of work.

At the hotel, each person is able to be a real member of the workforce to the extent they are able to, e.g. as a kitchen assistant or waiter, on equal terms with others.

“The grant from the Vissing Foundation will help to ensure that the Grand Hotel & BB Project Community has the necessary framework to set up workplaces under special conditions. The grant will go to develop the food workplace, which is fundamental in our work,” explains Project Manager Anita Kirkegård Telling.

It is expected that by the end of 2022, five people will be employed at the Grand Hotel & BB.

In the slightly longer term, the plan is that turnover at the Grand Hotel & BB will come from sales of food to local companies and online ‘Yes please’ offers. Later, it is hoped that there will be a basis for operating a café and overnight accommodation for guests.