Good experiences during the summer holiday

Kirkernes Integrations Tjeneste is a nationwide organisation that works with the integration of refugees and non-ethnic Danes into Danish society at meeting places throughout the country.

The purpose of the project, which is meant to provide vulnerable refugees and non-ethnic Danish families with good summer holiday experiences, is to combat loneliness and exclusion of children and young people aged 0-18. The method is summer excursions and summer camps which approx. 500 volunteers arrange and execute.

“We anticipate reaching about 2500 children, young people and their parents through about 2000 excursions and 1000 camps. We predict that the project will provide the entire family with good summer memories to combat loneliness and help the children feel included in their classes when they talk about their summer after the holiday. We also believe that we will strengthen integration of the families into Danish society by enabling them to network and make relations at summer camps and at the summer activities they are part of,” says Ruben Holmgreen Falk, Secretary-General, Kirkernes Integrations Tjeneste, KIT.

“The funding from the Vissing Foundation makes a significant difference because we are a small, nationwide civil society organisation that does our best each year to meet a growing need among about 10,000 non-ethnic Danes which whom we are in contact through local meeting places. Many vulnerable families each summer have no money to give their children memorable summer experiences like other children,” says Ruben Holmgreen Falk.