An experience path round the hospice

Many children and young people visit Søholm Hospice as relatives to patients. In the end, many of them lose a much-loved member of the family here. The time may seem to drag inexorably, full of gravity and sadness. 

“At Søholm Hospice we do everything we can to care for children and young people, and we also try to create a breathing space, so they are not simply passing the time, but can also find something positive while they are here,” says Vibeke Harrit, coordinator of the volunteers at the hospice.

She refers to the findings of numerous studies, that art has a therapeutic effect, and Søholm Hospice wishes to offer this to children and young people. 

“With the support of the Vissing Foundation we are now able to set up a route around the hospice with different experiences of art, musical instruments and sculptures that encourage play and interaction. It will create a breathing space for children and young people. In this way, the Vissing Foundation is able to make a positive difference for the children and young people who visit Søholm Hospice,” says Vibeke Harrit.