Mentors and help with homework

Gestus Nord is a charity dedicated to improving the foundation of children and young people in Northern Jutland through initiatives focusing on relationships and learning.

In the Gestus Mentor project, which has received funding from the Vissing Foundation, Gestus Nord joins forces with selected schools to offer mentorships for children with challenges from Year 5 and up at primary and secondary schools. They offer to help these children with their homework up to 3 hours a week. The mentors help the children do their homework and understand the more academic subjects. In addition to providing academic support, the mentors also act as good role models for these children. This project aims at expanding the mentorship scheme to a higher number of local schools so allow even more children and young people to benefit from the scheme.

The purpose of the mentorship scheme is to improve the children’s abilities to read and do math and to prepare them to join a general or a vocational upper secondary education programme.

”The donation from the Vissing Foundation will help make a positive change for children and young people who are challenged and have a difficult time because of issues in their families. By experiencing success, these children and young people will come to believe more in themselves and they will become better at mastering life as adults. This a first step towards actively choosing their own future,” explains Jette Nørsøller Uhrenholt, Project Manager at Gestus Nord.