The Vissing Foundation supports three different purposes

The Vissing Foundation supports


Near-patient research in disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment, mainly related to cancer and diabetes.

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The Vissing Foundation supports


The Vissing Foundation supports sustainable energy for everyone. Applications can be submitted on this site and through Venture Cup for support for knowledge-based start-up companies.

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The Vissing Foundation supports


Projects and activities that support marginalised children and young people.

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Medical research

The Foundation supports near-patient research in disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment, mainly related to cancer and diabetes.

Energy research

The Foundation supports research in sustainable energy.

Marginalised children and young people

The Foundation supports projects and activities that support marginalised children and young people.

Applicants whom the Vissing Foundation supports will be contacted by email approx two months after the application deadline. If you do not hear anything within that period, your project has not received support. Read more

The application deadlines are
28 February, 31 May, 31 August
and 30 November.

Cancer of the ovaries
“With the grant from the Vissing Foundation we can complete our project of research into ovarian cancer and have our data published in prominent journals and at international conferences.”

Herlev Hospital
Kidney transplant
“Our research project will investigate whether SGLT2 inhibitors, which were in fact developed to treat diabetes, have a number of beneficial effects for patients who have received a kidney transplant.”

Odense University Hospital
Epilepsy and anxiety in children
“More than 4000 children in Denmark have epilepsy, and the condition is often accompanied by anxiety. Very broadly, the aim of the project supported by the Vissing Foundation is to improve the quality of life for children with epilepsy and their families."

Filadelfia Research
Help with children’s birthdays
“The Vissing Foundation’s support means that here in Skive we can continue to enable vulnerable children to invite friends and have fun on their birthdays. For a child, celebrating birthdays with friends is an important element in a good social life."

Mødrehjælpen in Skive
Support for children at a Christmas Seal Home
“Children may need a lot of help to go from failure to thrive over to a happy childhood with friends and playdates. They can get that help at the Christmas Seal Homes, and with the support from the Vissing Foundation we will be able to help more children.”

The Christmas Seal Foundation
Hero Camp in Aalborg
“With the support of the Vissing Foundation, we will be able to arrange a Hero Camp in Aalborg in 2024. This makes a real difference for children and families with disadvantages."

The Child Accident Prevention Foundation
A more inspiring school playground
“The support from the Vissing Foundation helps us to re-establish our school playground, to encourage activity in the pupils’ daily routine.”

Fonden ConCura
Colon cancer and immunotherapy
“Our study will investigate the effect and safety of immunotherapy treatment administered before surgery to patients with a specific type of colon cancer. It affects one in seven of the 3,400 Danish patients suffering from colon cancer each year.”

Zealand University Hospital
DNA from lymphoma cells
“We will investigate whether an advanced molecular biological process can be used to measure DNA from lymphoma cells in a blood sample, so that any residual disease or relapse can be discovered earlier than we can today.”

Odense University Hospital
Giving disadvantaged children and young people a break
“Special Moments provide a break from a tough daily life for children and young people going through a crisis. The aim is that more of these young people will find friendship, fellowship and closeness with other children and young people and with adult volunteers.”

Blue Cross Denmark
Culture Festival
“The support of the Vissing Foundation helps us to run Vonsild Culture Festival, which means a great deal to our pupils and their families."

Vonsild Special Centre at Vonsild School