The Vissing Foundation supports three different purposes

The Vissing Foundation supports


Near-patient research in disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment, mainly related to cancer and diabetes.

The Vissing Foundation supports


Supports research in sustainable energy

The Vissing Foundation supports


Projects and activities that support marginalised children and young people.

Medical research

The Foundation supports near-patient research in disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment, mainly related to cancer and diabetes.

Energy research

The Foundation supports research in sustainable energy.

Marginalised children and young people

The Foundation supports projects and activities that support marginalised children and young people.

Applicants whom the Vissing Foundation supports will be contacted by email approx two months after the application deadline. If you do not hear anything within that period, your project has not received support. Read more

The application deadlines are
28 February, 31 May, 31 August
and 30 November.

Sport helps disadvantaged children and young people
“BROEN (The Bridge) in Horsens supports disadvantaged children and young people in sports activities. Grants from funds such as the Vissing Foundation are simply essential in enabling us to make a difference for children and young people in Horsens.”

BROEN (The Bridge), Horsens
An experience path round the hospice
“It is a difficult time for children and young people when they have a relative in a hospice. We have created a path around the hospice providing different experiences, where art work, musical instruments and sculptures invite interaction and play – as a breathing space.”

Søholm Hospice
Sailing trips for young people with ADHD
“With the support of the Vissing Foundation, the ADHD Association has been able to arrange sailing trips for vulnerable teenagers with ADHD. We can see that it has been a great success.”

ADHD Association
Focus on nerve damage from chemotherapy
“A new research project focusing on one of the most frequent after effects of chemotherapy: nerve damage, which causes pain, tingling and/or impaired tactile sense in the hands and feet.”

Hospital Lillebaelt – Vejle Hospital
Children and young people with mental disorders
“With the support of the Vissing Foundation we will investigate the extent of side effects in children and young people in Denmark receiving antipsychotic treatment. In addition, we will carry out a trial to study the effects of the latest treatments on the market for overweight.”

Bispebjerg Hospital
Complications after surgery for cancer
“Unfortunately almost 12% of sarcoma patients (with soft-tissue and bone cancer) develop complications after surgery. We hope that through this research project the current surgical treatment can be improved and complications reduced.”

Aarhus University Hospital
Diabetic foot ulcers
“Chronic foot ulcers are a serious problem for people with diabetes. In an inter-regional trial with 100 patients, we will investigate a new Danish surgical method called inforatio technique to treat patients with this type of ulcer.”

Zealand University Hospital, Køge
Lymphoedema after breast cancer
“Lymphoedema is a serious problem which affects up to half of all breast-cancer patients. We will carry out five different studies to clarify the experiences of patients and the effects of these surgical treatments for lymphoedema.”

Odense University Hospital
Holiday camp for disadvantaged children and young people
“With the support of the Vissing Foundation and many active volunteers, we are able to organise holiday camps for about 300 children from vulnerable homes. A camp is a good experience here and now, with friends and holiday memories.”

Blue Cross Denmark
Diabetes patients – pain treatment
“We hope that the EEG treatment will result in lower pain intensity and reduced pain experience and with this improve the daily functioning and quality of life of diabetes patients with painful neuropathy.”

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
New targeted treatment options
”Our study will uncover new targeted treatment options and with this prevent diabetic complications, increase life expectancy and prevent hospital admissions for patients with diabetes.”

Aalborg University Hospital
Energy-focused startups
”We really appreciate that the Vissing Foundation decided to sponsor the work carried out by Venture Cup Denmark to support entrepreneurship at universities in Denmark. With the Foundation as our main sponsor, we are able to intensify our efforts and focus especially on energy-focused startups.”

Venture Cup Denmark
The Dog as Partner and Lifeline
”The support Trinitas receives from the Vissing Foundation allows us to help five mentally vulnerable young people as part of our project, ‘The Dog as Partner and Lifeline’. This makes a huge and positive difference to the young people as individuals.”

Christmas assistance from the Vissing Foundation
“Christmas assistance from the Vissing Foundation makes a big difference to families in financial difficulties in the Municipality of Skive. This year more families than ever before are finding it difficult to make ends meet financially.”

Bizz Up
Christmas assistance
“We depend heavily on contributions from the Danish public for Christmas assistance, so this practical support from the Vissing Foundation is extremely welcome, and enables us to help even more needy families.”

Christmas assistance
“The Christmas assistance grant from the Vissing Foundation is a positive help for a lot of children in needy families.”

Danish People’s Aid
Jesper’s Christmas
“At Jespers Jul we aim to help children and young people from financially vulnerable families in the Skive area. The donation from the Vissing Foundation makes a big difference to how we are able to help make Christmas enjoyable."

Jespers Jul – Jesper’s Christmas
The Vissing Foundation Energy Prize in 2022
Anne Katrine Tinggaard won the first prize of the Vissing Foundation Energy Prize in 2022 for her thesis on optimising the combination of leased electric and petrol-driven cars to minimise CO2 emissions and costs.

Aarhus University
Co2 in the production of jet fuel
Maria Paulsen and Sebastian Petersen won the second prize in the Vissing Foundation Energy Prize 2022 for their thesis on capturing CO2 directly from the atmosphere and using it in the production of jet fuel.

Aalborg University
Frequent blood sugar measurement
“We will investigate whether frequent blood sugar measurement makes a positive difference to the prognosis for hospitalised patients with type 2 diabetes, shortens their time in hospital, and makes better use of health resources."

Nordsjællands Hospital
Research into cervical cancer
“With the support of the Vissing Foundation we can continue our research into cervical cancer and in particular find out whether our analysis can be used – at an early stage – to show when the disease is about to recur.”

Aarhus University Hospital
Research into colorectal cancer
”The Vissing Foundation’s support will help our research into colorectal cancer. Our underlying aim is to improve patients’ chances of survival.”

The war in Ukraine
“We are delighted that the Vissing Foundation has chosen to give help to the many children and young people who are suffering because of the war in Ukraine.”

Save the Children
School chess and general wellbeing
“School chess helps young people to develop academically, socially and mentally, so more of them feel successful at school. And it is important. That is why we are so grateful for the support of the Vissing Foundation.”

Danish Scholastic Chess Federation