Support to Mødrehjælpen for Christmas assistance

Mødrehjælpen has given Christmas assistance to vulnerable families with children since 2007. Every year, this assistance makes a difference to families who start worrying just at the thought of the cost of Christmas, even before the first autumn leaves fall off the trees.

This year Mødrehjælpen has index-regulated its national Christmas assistance, as we are seeing an increase in approaches from families who cannot pay their bills because of price increases. These families simply cannot imagine what Christmas would be like without help. Mødrehjælpen therefore distributes DKK 550 per child to socially and financially vulnerable families. This assistance at Christmas enables families to buy what they need to give their children a Christmas that is like other people’s.

As well as a sum in cash, Mødrehjælpen runs an advisory service for parents through Mødrehjælpen’s national consultancy, Holdepunkt. The professional advisers seek to relieve the parents’ feeling of helplessness and give them the means to change the situation that has led them to apply for Christmas assistance.

“Christmas assistance is a unique opportunity to make contact with some of Denmark’s most vulnerable families with children. That is why the grant from the Vissing Foundation means all the world – especially for parents who feel inadequate all year round,” says Ninna Thomsen, Director of Mødrehjælpen.