A more inspiring school playground

Fonden ConCura is a non-profit foundation working with social-educational prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of children and young people aged 8 to 18. The treatments target young people with e.g. ADHD, autism, attachment disorders, anxiety, neglect, late development or low IQ.

In 2019 ConCura acquired Maglesø lower secondary school in Kvanløse for treatment and respite care. In that connection the playground was re-established to encourage activity in the daily routine. Here the support of the Vissing Foundation will make it possible to have sensory and stimulative equipment in the playground.

“The Vissing Foundation’s support means it will be inviting for pupils to balance along a rope or turn a somersault over a bar when they go through the school building to the dining room,” says the school head, Julie Michelsen.

The new equipment can also be used in PE lessons.

“Altogether, a play area with exciting new equipment will invite play, stimulate imagination and curiosity, and improve balance, strength and body awareness, which helps our pupils to learn and become more self-aware,” says Julie Michelsen.