The Vissing Foundation

In 1924, Mogens Vissing and Poul Bay founded the company of Bay & Vissing which was later converted into Bay & Vissing A/S. Bay & Vissing A/S was especially known for the Tandex toothbrush and the Specter paintbrushes. Both brands were later divested.

In 1988, Bay & Vissing A/S acquired the Vikan A/S brush factory in Skive, Denmark. Vikan was established in 1898 and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of special brushes and other cleaning tools – especially for the food industry.

Jenny and Mogens Vissing, who were among the founders of Bay & Vissing, had no children but they had a strong wish to secure the future of the company. Therefore, they decided to establish the Vissing Foundation in 1979 and transfer the shares of Bay & Vissing to the Foundation.

Today, the Vissing Foundation owns 90% of the shares in Vikan A/S.

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