Sailing for vulnerable young people

Carolines Venner – Caroline’s Friends – is an association which has worked since 2013 on the reconstruction of the yacht Caroline, which will be completed in 2022.

“With the grant from the Vissing Foundation it will be possible for young people with psychological problems to go sailing, and their experiences at sea can strengthen their self confidence and bridge the gaps between them and other young people.

The calm and harmony of nature, light and fresh air have a positive effect on people with mental challenges.

“That is why we believe that the experience of sailing is important for young people. Especially on the heavy wooden ships, many hands are needed. By working side by side to set the sails, tack successfully, or take a watch with a mate on a cold April night, each one can feel their own value is confirmed. Each member has individual tasks and is indispensable on board, and thus as a person too,” says Asger Nørlund Christensen.

The synergy of the unique experience of nature at sea and the positive feeling of companionship in sailing the ship can be crucially important for this group of vulnerable young people.