Holiday camps for vulnerable children and young people

Blue Cross Denmark arranges holiday camps for socially vulnerable children and young people. They do that to give them a break from a difficult life by giving them an unforgettable experience. Holiday camps give participants hope and encouragement to face the future.

”The funding from the Vissing Foundation is important for our possibilities to arrange holiday camps. We would also like to give the children and young people knowledge of where to find help when they’re back in their normal lives. This might be through other initiatives such as TUBA, the Blue House for Kids [Barnets Blå Hus] and Børnetelefonen [a children’s helpline],” says Karen Klemmed, holiday camp leader, Blue Cross Denmark.]

She continues, ”Volunteers manage the camps, and all camps have some expensive activities such as amusement parks, theme parks, cinemas and the like so that the participants have something to tell their classmates when they come back home from their holiday. The funding from the Vissing Foundation means that we can continue to give the participants nice experiences but also that we can equip our volunteers with necessary and important competences.”

Blue Cross Denmark is experiencing increased interest in attending holiday camps. 14 camps are scheduled for 2022.