Green hydrogen and CO2 reduction

Nordic Hydrogen is a start-up company that is working on using green hydrogen to reduce CO2 emissions. The vision is to create a sustainable industry while making it possible to maintain the current lifestyle and protecting the climate.

Nordic Hydrogen is working on moving the production of green hydrogen offshore. This is done by using electrolysis. Electrolysis works by splitting water into atoms using electricity.

The result is two gases, oxygen and hydrogen. Hydrogen is valuable, and it can be stored for later use as a sustainable alternative to the hydrogen we currently use or as a method for energy storage.

In this context, Nordic Hydrogen is developing a new method for constructing an electrolysis plant. This will make it possible to move this type of plant offshore, where there is a large amount of green electricity available.

“Thanks to the support of the Vissing Foundation, we can establish a complete test area for testing, production and prototype development. Over the next year, we will finalise the development and produce our 20 kW prototype,” says Sarah Groot Shapel, CEO and Co-Founder of Nordic Hydrogen.

She continues, “The prototype will be used for testing and demonstrating our technology as well as serving as the basis for our scaling towards larger plants in the megawatt range. In the future, we will use the facilities for testing, development and production of our plants. This could include testing new materials or further development of some of our core concepts.