Summer camp - autism

Being autistic often makes it difficult to be part of normal socialising and forming friendships, and it often leads to loneliness. People with autism also have a major need for structure and the possibility of being able to withdraw from social contexts to find peace and quiet.

Autism Youth hosts a summer camp in 2024 for 40 autistic children and young people between the age of 13-32.

“The summer camp is arranged considering the special needs of the participants while giving them new experiences to push their boundaries. There is an excursion where the participants can practice being part of cultural events, and there are presentations with an older autistic person who will share his experiences from living with autism. The purpose is to allow the participants to take example from someone else and increase their self-knowledge,” says the chairperson, Naja Kirstine Føste from Autism Youth.

There will also be various social activities to contribute to boosting the participants’ social skills, interpersonal skills, empathy and the ability to express feelings. In addition to giving the participants a positive experience, the purpose of the summer camp also is to create a long-term social community between the young people and to boost their social skills and self-knowledge.

“The funding from the Vissing Foundation makes a difference in the quality of the summer camp. We can show more consideration to the participants. The funding from the Foundation allows us to arrange activities that will boost their interpersonal skills and contribute to the positive experience.
The result is that each person will benefit much more from the summer camp,” says Naja Kirstine Føste.