Magicians’ workshop for children

The association Magiske Øjeblikke with “Frøken Tryllestøv” (Miss Magic Dust) will host a number of newly developed three-day magicians’ workshop for children and young people with intellectual disabilities. The goal is to create a joy of life, a sense of community and a boost of self-worth.

The project will teach the participants to do magic, speak into a microphone, talk to an audience and feel safe around animals such as desert rats, snakes and rabbits that are in the first part of the workshop. Diplomas are handed out after each workshop, and they get to keep the magicians’ equipment and props.
The project is rounded off with a large magicians’ show for friends, family and neighbours.

Helle Lyngholm, who is “Miss Magic Dust”, has many years of experience as a magician and recently received Truxa’s memorial award for her many years of work including people with disabilities in her shows.

“It’s a vulnerable group that has often experienced many frustrations in their lives. They have also faced many challenges that make it necessary for others to help, guide and assist them. Thanks to the funding from the Vissing Foundation, we can conduct a workshop project where participants are allowed to be in “other shoes”, being the ones who give to others, and they find out that they can use whatever they have learned to be the ones who create magical moments and smiles themselves,” says Helle Lyngholm.