Supporting the development of young people

”Thanks to the funding from the Vissing Foundation we are now able to set up an indoor environment for learning, development and leisure activities which will be used by the young people with challenges who are doing training courses with us,” explains Employment Consultant Susanne Nygaard Bertelsen from Havredal Praktiske Uddannelser, close to Viborg, Denmark.

Havredal Praktiske Uddannelser offers vocational education programmes and focuses on hands-on learning for their students. The school supports and guides the young people to be able to help themselves. Another objective is to enable them to take on a job and get their own home in tune with individual needs and possibilities.

The objective of the indoor learning, development and leisure environment is to support their technical/academic, personal and social development. One of the roads the school pursues to achieve this is by offering inspiring activities the students can engage in during their leisure time and together with each other in a safe environment.

”Before joining Havredal Praktiske Uddannelser, these young people have suffered many failures. There is a risk that they may become isolated and lonely and they need a safe environment to be able to build relationships with other young people. They especially need to train social interaction outside a set framework such as a class or a workplace,” adds Susanne Nygaard Bertelsen.