Activities and community

Volunteers in Byggeforeningen af 1933 (social housing association) have received funding from the Vissing Foundation to offer a number of social activities to lonely, marginalised and vulnerable children (up to 15 years old) and their families.

”It means a lot to us that the Vissing Foundation funds our social activities that are meant to encourage and to make it possible to create new social relations across our housing association. The activities create joy in life and fight loneliness and vulnerability. They also prevent loneliness to develop in a negative direction,” explains Tony Sørensen, Manager, Byggeforeningen 1933.

The activities are e.g. summer camps, Djursland Zoo + amusement park, BonBon-land, Lejre Land of Legends, Crocodile Zoo Falster, lectures, Cirkusland Slagelse, trips to Legoland and the Medieval Centre Guldborgsund.

All activities in the project are managed by volunteers. They come from various departments of the housing association.