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About Vikan

The Vissing Foundation has its roots in the brush industry and is still highly active within this area. The Foundation owns 90% of the company Vikan A/S.

Vikan, headquartered in Denmark, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of highly hygienic cleaning appliances for the food industry and other hygiene sensitive environments.

Based on more than 125 years of experience, this company holds the industry’s largest knowledge base on hygiene and relevant laws, using the knowledge to further develop the world’s most efficient professional cleaning tools and the best consultancy services on the market. The goal of these activities is to ensure that Vikan customers are able to deliver all the products that they manufacture with pride and peace of mind.

Based on customer needs and official requirements, Vikan develops, manufactures and sells a broad and deep product range of cleaning solutions, mainly targeted at the food industry, kitchens and restaurants, the health sector, institutions and leisure facilities, shops and supermarkets as well as the transport sector.

Vikan is managed based on strong values concerned with: Integrity, Care, Innovation and Drive. Find out more about Vikan