Role play for needy and vulnerable children

“The support of the Vissing Foundation makes a difference to us, and our summer role play makes a difference to needy and vulnerable children. We use a sense of community to combine exercise, enjoying outdoor life and social development. Our aim is for participants to feel that they belong and are making a positive contribution,” explains Karina Seidelin Jensen from the Activity Jugglers from Aalborg, Denmark.

During five days in the summer holidays, those who take part join in a creative process, where in body, mind and spirit they enter a mediaeval world with everyday tasks and magical elements and creatures. The children cook over a fire, and live and sleep in the open for several days.

The Activity Jugglers have built up the country of Otubulis, and the children become part of it. It is a magical place where humans, orcs, elves, dwarfs and wood-nymphs live together, working to rebuild the country, which has been reset to zero by the gods. Imagination runs free.

The role play lasts for five days, and the children can take part free of charge.