Integrated energy system at the marina

”Implementation of alternative energy solutions requires broad involvement of the local community. I therefore chose to examine intelligent energy solutions, primarily at a local scale. Solutions that result in integrated energy systems,” saysDawid Jozwiak, Aalborg University, who took the first prize in the Vissing Foundation’s Energy Prize 2021.

His idea can be developed for islands due to their geographical and socio-economic context offering several benefits through the transformation.

In his study, he examined an integrated energy system at Ballen marina on Samsø. Special consideration is taken to the integration of solar cells, energy storage and flexible consumption – in the form of boats and electric cars. For the purpose, suitable electricity tariffs are developed for the marina and yachtsmen based on a consumption analysis.

Optimal charging of boats and batteries is proposed in the dissertation. The outcome is cost savings for the marina as well as for yachtsmen together with a significant improvement in the mains operation of the marina.

Optimal charging and discharging strategies for the electric cars at the marina will subsequently be developed and evaluated. As a future scenario, the benefits of bidirectional charging will be examined, proving huge improvements in the energy system of the future marina. Increasing the integration level of flexible units at Ballen marina has therefore been identified as an important goal.