We have collected some of the most common questions that we receive here at the Vissing Foundation. If you have any other questions, please contact the Vissing Foundation.

When can you apply for funding?

The application deadlines are 28 February, 31 May, 31 August and 30 November. Applicants whom the Vissing Foundation supports will be contacted by email approx two months after the application deadline. If you do not hear anything within that period, your project has not received support.

I have difficulty sending an application.
What has gone wrong?

Have you remembered to fill in all the obligatory fields? Otherwise, the application cannot be sent. In the great majority of cases this problem means that the application form is not filled in correctly.

It says here that the Foundation does not support salaries and related costs for PhD positions. What does that mean?

The Foundation does not support salaries for PhD students, education fees, consultancy, courses, travel, evaluations etc.

How do you inform me that I have received a grant?

If you have received a grant, you will receive an e-mail about two months after the application deadline.

Can I apply for a grant that runs for over a year?

Yes, but the Foundation never provides a grant for more than one year at a time. Applications for extended grants require that you provide a report of max 1 A4 page with information on project progress and results achieved since receiving the last grant from the Foundation.

Is there a maximum amount which can be applied for?

No, there is no maximum amount.

Is it OK to set up the project economy in an Excel spreadsheet as an attachment?

Yes – an Excel spread sheet is fine as attached documentation.

Can the foundation give grants for equipment? If so, is it possible to indicate how large a sum such a grant could amount to?

Yes, the Foundation can decide to give grants for equipment. There is no fixed limit to the amount.

Do you make grants to other funds – e.g. the Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation?

No, we do not make grants to other funds, but we are willing to support associations.

If I am in doubt about whether I have a project that is within the objectives of the Foundation, can I ask for an advance ruling?

No. It is up to the individual applicant to assess whether the project in question falls within the objectives of the Foundation.

I am uncertain about the statement that “Support is not given to salaries and accompanying expenses of PhD appointments….” Does this mean salaries in general, or only in connection with PhD appointments?

It is only for salaries for PhD appointments that support is not given.

The project description must not be longer than max. 5 A4 pages. Does that mean excluding the reference list, attachments etc.?

The max. 5 pages are exclusive of attachments, reference list and the front cover.

In connection with the 5-page project description I am writing, do I have to include references? Since it is a medical project, we usually find that references are an important part. If I do have to include them, are they included in the 5 pages, or are the 5 pages excluding references?

You can see here what an application in the medical field should consist of:

Scope: The 5-page maximum means excluding attachments, reference lists and the front cover.

The application form must be in Danish, but may the protocol description be in English?

Yes – and the other documentation may be in English too.

The application must be in Danish – may the manager’s testimonial be in English?

Yes – a testimonial may be in English.

What should an applicant write in an accompanying letter?

In an accompanying letter to the Foundation, an applicant should briefly give the reasons why he/she is applying for support for a project.

Last week I sent an application through the website, but I have not yet received a reply.

If we wish to support your project, you will hear from us within 45 days. You will not hear from us if it is rejected.

I am uncertain whether my application has reached you.

If your application was received by the Vissing Foundation, you will receive an auto reply, telling you that we have received your application. Otherwise, we have not received it.

If an applicant has previously applied but not received support, is another application allowed?

Yes. If the project for which you are seeking support falls within the objectives of the Foundation, the project will be assessed.

May the same person send in more than one application, e.g. for different projects?


Should the description of the project be in layman’s language or professional language?

That is up to the applicant. In the Foundation, we have associated specialists, and therefore, understanding will not be a problem.

If an applicant is awarded a grant, payment is made on the condition that the applicant has first written a short summary of the project, of maximum 200 words, for the Foundation.
This, on the other hand, must be understandable for non-professionals, so that it is suitable for publicity about the projects we support.

How much may be written on an A4 page?

One A4 page is 3000 keystrokes