Children at crisis centres

Crisis Centre Odense is a temporary refuge for battered women and their children. On an annual basis, the centre receives between 100-150 children aged 0-17 together with their mothers. All these children have experienced physical and/psychological abuse in the family and/or on their own bodies and have been scarred.

”The funding from the Vissing Foundation makes a big and positive difference to us. We can now complete our outdoor learning and development environment and create the best possible framework for children at Crisis Centre Odense. Having this framework means that we can work more targeted with the children’s development and improve their possibilities of developing as whole human beings,” says Heidi Kjær-Hansen from Crisis Centre Odense.

A new outdoor environment will give the children a haven and will fund their development through playing. Their development through playing means development of the children’s social, personal and technical competences as an important foundation to master adult life and to e.g. obtain an education.