Special Moments for vulnerable children and young people

Special Moments are an offer for children and young people from families going through a crisis in life, to give them a break from a tough daily life. The aim is that more of these young people should find friendship, fellowship and closeness with other children and young people and adult volunteers. Special Moments reach out to vulnerable children locally, maintaining relationships, building bridges and creating continuity.

“In a framework of activities and outings, these children and young people are seen and appreciated, to help them build up confidence in others, with enthusiasm for life, so they are able to dream of a better future. We are delighted that the Vissing Foundation is supporting our work,” says Project Manager Lise Søndergaard Thomsen from Blue CrossDenmark.

Special Moments are planned and set up by local volunteer coordinators and a team of volunteer leaders, who ensure that the children have good experiences, meeting with committed adults, and that friendships form between participants, and good relationships form with the adults.

The activities depend on the individual team, and may include activities such as going fishing or baking dampers over a bonfire, or a visit to an adventure park or attraction in the area.