Volunteers help with maths

Matematikcenter is a group of volunteers who offer free help with maths homework for children and young people.

“The volunteers from Matematikcenter lift maths off the paper and give children and young people a positive experience with the subject. When children and young people get help to succeed in maths, they gain more confidence with the subject. In other words, the volunteers help more young people to become aware of the opportunities in education and jobs open to them when they master mathematics,” says Bolette Jensen, management of the secretariat at Matematikcenter.

Help is provided with homework at local homework cafés, or digitally in an online homework café,, and through a collection of materials at

“With the support from the Vissing Foundation we can make an extra effort digitally in 2021, and that is extremely important in these Covid-19 times. Help with maths homework is needed more than usual,” explains Bolette Jensen. is the Matematikcenter’s collection of digital material, and has five million visits a year. The website goes through the syllabus from year 7 up to level A in the various types of secondary education, in ways that are simple and easy to understand. is free for all users. Users can also find video lessons, a forum for questions, collections of formulae and mathematical inspiration on the site., the Matematikcenter’s digital homework café, is free and accessible for all users.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has really highlighted the value of Webmatlive for the target group. Matematikcenter is extending opening hours on in 2021 to meet the increasing need for help that we are seeing because of home schooling in the school-leaving classes and in youth and adult educations,” says Bolette Jensen.