Funds Christmas Seal Home

The Christmas Seal Home Kildemose is one of Denmark’s five Christmas Seal Homes with room for 24 children between 7 and 14. A stay will last for 10 weeks. The Christmas Seal Home focuses on getting children out of a situation where they fail to thrive. The children receive help to get away from bullying and loneliness.

”The funding from the Vissing Foundation makes a positive difference in the lives of the children at Kildemose. The money helps ensure that our social educators can challenge the children creatively, outdoors as well as indoors. Among other things, we can now prioritise sending the children on outings, for example to Louisiana, or getting them outside to be physically active on ropes courses. Those are activities that the children are eager to experience,” says Birgitte Dybkjær, superintendent at the Christmas Seal Home Kildemose at Roskilde Fjord.