Weight-loss programme for children

The great majority of overweight children come from socially vulnerable families. Children with Turkish or Arab backgrounds are overrepresented in statistics for overweight.

FitforKids is a voluntary social association that has worked professionally since 2007 to develop and provide a free children’s weight-loss programme for families everywhere in Denmark. The FitforKids programme is based on research and scientifically documented at the Rigshospital. It consists of five elements: dietary advice, exercise for all the family, parent coaching, a motivation programme and social events.

“With the grant from the Vissing Foundation we can develop a version of our programme with videos about exercise and preparing food, recipe leaflets, a self-respect programme, online dietary advice, and personal coaching that targets Turkish and Arab children and their families, and we can offer them help that is not available today,” says Ditte Gybel from FitforKids.

She continues: “In addition, the Foundation’s support means that we can help socially vulnerable overweight people or inactive children with different ethnic backgrounds to achieve the great advantages health-wise, mentally and socially, that come from a health, active life.”