Sailing trips for young people with ADHD

Many teenagers with ADHD face challenges in a number of ways, which strongly affect their social life, their future prospects, and chances of a good everyday life.

In recent years, the Danish ADHD Association has arranged some highly successful sailing trips for vulnerable teenagers with ADHD.

“On these sailing trips we focus especially on helping the young people to gain insights into their own ADHD: what ADHD means for them and for those around them. The Vissing Foundation’s support means we can offer them sailing trips, which we have found to be very successful,” says Inge Refer from the Danish ADHD Association.

Besides working with their ADHD, the young people face challenges in other areas, which develop them personally and give them skills they can use in the future.

“When they come ashore after a few days, these teenagers are better prepared and more determined than ever before to face the challenges young people meet in life,” says Inge Refer. 

She emphasises that the young people’s self esteem improves considerably, while they make new friends, and gain better social skills. They have discovered new ways to tackle challenges, and perhaps new strategies for dealing with their own disability.