Funding for youth camp

With funding provided by the Vissing Foundation, the Pindstrup Foundation can organize a camp for young people (max 25 individuals) with and without disabilities (mental, physical and social disabilities) between the ages of 15 and 25. The camp will be managed by volunteers who are part of the Pindstrup Foundation.

“The funding provided by the Vissing Foundation makes a huge difference for the young people participating in the camp. The camp will focus on building relationships and developing friendships in order to prevent loneliness,” explains Tina Buus Hansen, Managing Director of the Pindstrup Centre.

During the camp, the participants will also learn how to draw their own lines, show empathy towards others and see opportunities rather than problems in other young people with or without disabilities.

During the camp, the young participants will help each other prepare their meals, engage in communal activities, have fun and share lots of experience with each other.