Support for children and young people in placements

Fonden Clemens runs social-educational residential homes with four full-time departments and a relief centre near Vordingborg in Denmark.

“We are delighted that the Vissing Foundation is supporting our work. It means we can provide more activities and facilities in our departments for marginalised and vulnerable children and young people in placements away from home,” says Ken Heddinge, principal at Fonden Clemens.


The funds will go to activities under four themes:

  1. Outdoor activities and facilities
  2. Physical activity outdoors and associated facilities
  3. Equipment to stimulate the senses and reduce stress (e.g. massage chairs, hot tub, barrel sauna)
  4. Activities and facilities associated with keeping animals.


“These activities make a positive difference for the children. They help them to find inner calm, with improved learning capacity and focus, as well as encouraging social groups and friendships, and reducing stress. And finally, they encourage getting into better form, both physically and mentally. In short, greater self-esteem, self confidence and general belief in oneself, and energy to try new things,” says Ken Heddinge.

Being in the company of animals provides intimacy for children and young people, in caring and providing security for the animals. It also gives better physical and mental well-being and improves concentration. All important elements in doing well.