Better and faster identification of tumour markers

Exosomes are one of several types of cell-related vesicles which are now recognised as useful potential markers for various diseases in humans, including cancer. Their utilisation for practical diagnostics does, however, require a reliable, fast and comprehensive method for identification of their presence.

The Vissing Foundation grant for the Department of Clinical Immunology at Aalborg University Hospital covers further development of Extracellular Vesicle (EV) array technology which has been proven to have a documented diagnostic potential with regards to treatment of lung cancer.

An EV array consists of a microchip that can register and identify extracellular vesicles in biological liquids and determine their concentration level. The department wants to invest in a special microarray printer which is able to print several chips at the same time.

This allows researchers to intensify their research efforts using the same resources and to develop this important diagnostic tool to a level where it can be used in general medical contexts and at laboratories. The goal is to identify the presence of cancer cells as early as possible, thereby improving the positive effects of important treatments.