Books and being read to strengthen children’s competencies

The BogSpiloppen association is a group of volunteers whose aim is to strengthen children’s personal and social competencies and subject knowledge through books and reading aloud.

“Support from the Vissing Foundation is important to our work in BogSpiloppen, because far too many children start school at a level that is way below their potential. Consequently, they do not flourish in school, they need extra support, and at the age of 15 they still have difficulty with reading. Something as simple as reading aloud to them benefits these children on all parameters,” explained the chairman of the board, Michael Buch Thodsen from BogSpiloppen.

BogSpiloppen’s project gives vulnerable children in nurseries a chance to break out of negative social inheritance.

“In BogSpiloppen we believe that all children have the right to develop their potential, regardless of their parents’ abilities and resources. Our approach to the task is through reading aloud and access to books. With the help of books, reading aloud and supporting activities the children are helped to develop at personal, social and subject-related levels,” says Michael Buch Thodsen.

BogSpiloppen supplies a pack of books to all participating nurseries. If children are going to be interested in books, they must also have access to a lot of exciting books. BogSpiloppens pack consists of about 50 books, which must be available to all the children all the time. The book pack is replaced every six weeks.