The car battery stores energy

Gridlinx’ solution will transform electric vehicles (EVs) into home battery systems. By integrating EV batteries as a source of renewable power, the challenges of energy grid imbalance and high electricity costs during peak demand are addressed.

“Our solution will enable users to store cheap green energy in the car’s battery when prices are low and use the energy during peak hours, reducing CO2 emissions as well as electricity expenses,” says Martina Vojtková, Gridlinx.

With a focus on user convenience, Gridlinx has developed an add-on hardware/software solution that seamlessly integrates with already existing EV chargers and upgrades them with discharging functionality. This solution will allow the user to unlock the full potential of their EV without the need to purchase an entirely new charging system, thus providing a much cheaper alternative.

“Our solution not only offers cost-effective energy management for private users, but also contributes to UN global sustainability goals. The Vissing Foundation funding grant will be used to finalise the prototype development and finance the purchase of materials to reach our biggest milestone to date: starting a pilot project for prototype testing,” says Martina Vojtková.