Side effects in children and young people with mental disorders

Among the most vulnerable groups of the population are children and young people who suffer from serious mental disorders. Like adults, children receive antipsychotic medication as one of the primary forms of treatment. Unfortunately, this treatment has known side effects, including a high risk of serious overweight in the child or young person. This can lead to further disorders such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, or to other psychological problems such as low self esteem. 

In spite of this, we have insufficient knowledge of how the group is affected in the long term by these side effects, and how we can help them and relieve them of the side effects they suffer from. 

“With the support of the Vissing Foundation we will investigate the extent of these side effects in children and young people in Denmark receiving antipsychotic treatment. In addition, we will carry out a trial to study the effects of GLP-1-RA (Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Receptor Antagonists), which are the newest treatments on the market for overweight. We hope that this treatment can reduce the side effects, and thus prevent many of the serious complications that individuals often suffer from later in life,” says Christoffer Storm Baden, research assistant at the Bispebjerg Hospital Department of Clinical Pharmacology.

The aim is to improve the quality of life for young people who are vulnerable and at risk.