Recommended Foundation Governance

The Vissing Foundation ensures a proper framework for the ownership of Vikan A/S and gives back to society by supporting three different purposes:

  1. Near-patient research within the prevention of disease, diagnostics and treatment of cancer and diabetes.
  2. Research in sustainable energy
  3. Projects and activities that support marginalised children and young people

It is custom at the Foundation to reinvest a large part of the profits and the liquidity which is created in Vikan A/S in the company in order to ensure the financial basis for continuous company developments. In this way, the ability of the Foundation to keep providing grants in the future is ensured in the best possible way.

This practice means that there is no fixed grant amount available on a yearly basis. Funds are granted in accordance with the trust deed and range from DKK 0-10 million. DKK annually depending on the fund’s earnings.

The Board of Trustees has evaluated and related to the principles of best company practice, and all members are dedicated to acting according to these principles.

Here is the Foundation’s report on Recommendations on Foundation Governance (legally required report on Recommendations on Foundation Governance, see section 77a of the Danish Financial Statements Act (Årsregnskabsloven).