Sport helps disadvantaged children and young people

Every year, BROEN (The Bridge) in Horsens helps hundreds of disadvantaged and neglected children to play sports. BROEN Horsens helps disadvantaged children with subscriptions, buying equipment and charges for events. The aim is to send these children out among other children, so that they can join in a positive community. They also get the chance to mirror themselves in adult role models, to achieve success, and thus to strengthen their belief in themselves.

“Grants from funds such as the Vissing Foundation are simply essential in enabling us to make a difference for children and young people whose life is difficult. Up to now, we have helped hundreds of children to join in activities when their parents, for one reason or another, do not have the resources to support their children – either in the form of care or financially. Unfortunately, some of the children have been exposed to violence, abuse or other ill-treatment, says Jill Hagen, deputy chairman of BROEN Horsens. 

She continues: In our experience, children who are active gradually change and become happier, and they see the world in a new and more positive light.”

BROEN Horsens works exclusively on a voluntary basis, and depends therefore on grants and charity funds.