Colorectal cancer – improved model to be developed

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common and most lethal types of cancer. Screening for invisible blood in the bowel movement from the age of 50 can ensure early diagnosis and the possibility of healing treatment. Therefore, most western countries have implemented colorectal cancer population screenings.

In Denmark, the many colorectal cancer screenings using colonoscopy has caused a critical waiting time which by far exceeds legislative recommendations.

It turns out that only approx. 40% of the patients with symptoms have findings requiring treatment and that only 5% have colorectal cancer. Improved selection for screenings is therefore important.

”With the grant from the Vissing Foundation, we would like to develop a model that combines the age of the patient with a blood-based test for cancer markers and the bowel movement test from the screening. The aim is to more specifically point out the persons who need a life-saving colonoscopy, thus sparing healthy people an unnecessary examination and reducing the colonoscopy waiting time in Denmark,” says Karen Vibeke Jakobsen, Project Manager, Master of Science, the Gastro Unit, Amager-Hvidovre Hospital.

The model is meant to improve current diagnosing of patients with colorectal cancer symptoms through quicker diagnosing for those people with the largest colorectal cancer risk, even with a health and socio-economic gain.