Requirements for energy research

The Vissing Foundation supports technical research projects focused on R&D in sustainable energy for everyone. These must contribute to the spread and use of energy-efficient and sustainable energy technologies. Sustainable energy is one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which are included in the development agenda up to 2030.

The Vissing Foundation also wishes to consider projects and start-ups that will be among those setting the agenda for the green energy supplies of the future, and for this will be collaborating with Venture Cup. Interested participants in projects and start-ups can apply to the Vissing Foundation for support on the Venture Cup website.

If a grant is to be made for energy research, it is a prerequisite that the funds support the development of new energy technologies and/or the spread of knowledge of commercial potential in that connection.

Support will be given for trials and experiments, including the costs of equipment and prototypes.

If applications are made for operation, operational expenses must be specified.

Support will not be given for wages of permanent employees, or for wages and associated costs for PhD posts, basic research, travel, course and congress expenses, study abroad or publications.

By receiving a grant, recipients of support for scientific work are committed to prepare a brief progress report, not later than ten months after receiving the first instalment, and when the scientific work is completed. The report must give an account of the progress of the work in relation to the application that was submitted. The progress report must not take up more than a maximum of one A4 page (3,000 keystrokes), stating the results achieved and giving a list of publications, if any.

When a grant is awarded to the applicant, payment is conditional on the applicant submitting a short abstract of maximum 200 words to the Foundation, before the payment is made. It must be formulated so that it can be understood by non-professionals. The text may be published by the Vissing Foundation on its website and through other media to show which projects the Vissing Foundation is supporting. In addition, we ask the applicant to give the name of a contact person, who can provide further information if required by the Foundation.

Repeat applications
If a project or activity has already received support, but only for one year, and further support is needed, a repeat application may be submitted. The evaluation will predominantly be based on the progress report, which should be as specific as possible. If the project is running late according to the time schedule, the applicant must explain, and describe how the problems will be solved. The original project description from when the project received the first grant must be attached as an appendix. (See the guidelines for the application form.)

If scientific work supported by the Vissing Foundation is published in printed form, the Foundation must be informed using the contact form on the website. It must also be mentioned in the published material that the project was carried out with the support of the Foundation.