The Vissing Prize

The Vissing Prize  


With the Vissing Prize, the Vissing Foundation wishes to direct focus to ways in which energy supplies can transformed effectively and sustainably.


The prize is awarded to students at Danish universities who have written the best Masters’ theses on energy supply with focus on green transition.


Denmark and green transition
Denmark must reduce emissions of climate gases by 70% in 2030 in relation to the level in 1990. There are many problems to be solved. E.g. How can the spread of sustainable energy sources be promoted? Are there still possible ways of saving energy in industry? What about the building industry, agriculture and transport? And energy refurbishment in existing housing?


Criteria for applications  

Anyone who fulfils the following conditions may apply for the Vissing Prize:

-    They have written a Master’s thesis on energy supply focusing on green transition

-    The thesis was awarded grade 10 or 12.

-    The supervisor for the thesis must write an opinion.

-    The thesis must have been assessed in the period from 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2022  



The first prize is DKK 30,000 for an independent and creative paper.

The second prize is DKK 20,000, and the third prize is DKK 10,000.


Criteria for judgment

Emphasis will be placed on the following when judging the thesis:

-    That the thesis shows innovative thinking and presents an analysis of the relevant problem, with suggestions for promoting sustainable development in the area concerned. 


All theses submitted for judgment will be treated as confidential.


Assessment committee

To judge the theses, an impartial assessment committee will be convened, consisting of:


Arne Remmen, Department of Planning, Aalborg University

Eskild Holm Nielsen, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Aarhus University

Chresten Træholt, DTU Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

Hans-Henrik Eriksen, Vissing Foundation.


Closing date for applications

Proposals must be submitted before 15 August 2022.



How to apply

-    Download the application form, fill it in, and save it. It must finally be sent as an attachment to an e-mail. 


Remember to attach the following when you send the mail with the application form

-    Problem formulation, introduction and conclusion

-    Thesis   

-    Supervisor’s opinion 


Mail everything to:


The winners will be announced in early September 2022. The winners will be contacted directly.



 Download the application form here